The commonest means of transport around Mbale City is by motorcycle taxi, both popularly and notoriously known as boda boda. Popularly because they are a household form of transport and visibly available anytime upto about midnight. Notoriously because they are responsible for 90% of accidents in Mbale city.

Boda Bodas are dotted everywhere apart from in the air. To find one for your transport, you merely need to shout "boda boda" at least not more than 3 times and one or more will respond by coming to you.

Like Kampala, Mbale City is equally a boda boda City, with thousands of boda bodas hovering allover the roads, many times parking everywhere from pavements to roadsides.

Sometimes they will park as they wish either in front, behind or on your car side, that you will neither open your car nor drive in front or behind your car.
These boda bodas will take you within mbale or any of the neighboring districts as long as you are willing to pay the amount they will declare to you.
However, you need to be cautious and know the distance you intend to travel as you may be charged double the fare. Always be ready to bargain up to half or quarter of what you have been charged. Be aware that the shortest distance costs at least 1000/= Uganda Shillings, which is what you should be charged to or from town to Pretoria Hotel.

If you are not comfortable riding on risky boda boda, you will as well find a "Special Hire Taxi". This is a car taxi that is likely to charge you 10,000/= to or from the Hotel.
Be aware the fares may double during the night. Reason that boda boda guys give for doubling fares is because it is just night time!
If you wish to have free transport to or from Pretoria Hotel, simply walk on foot as it is a walkable distance to the city centre.